WP89 WordPress Themes

One of the best features of WordPress Web Publishing platform or system is that you can have a complete makeover of your existing site with your existing contents by using different themes.

It's so easy to use a custom theme you like if you have your own hosting service.

The following is the 89 themes we are going to list (updated often, please bookmark and come back for update soon):

  1. {filelink=1} (default two column theme with left navigation bar.)
  2. {filelink=2}(three column theme with two navigation bars on the right. plus header background and logo.)
  3. {filelink=3}(two column theme with one left navigation bar. Logo and header images may be replaced with your own.)

Here's what we try hard to do:

Three new themes every week

Some themes may be for members only. Why not register here today?

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