WordPress For Dummies, 3rd Edition

WordPress For Dummies, 3rd Edition is one of the great WordPress Books for bloggers and web site owners who are not Web developers themselves.

WordPress For Dummies teaches you how to use the WordPress Hosted Services (WordPress.com), how to use self-hosting with WordPress.org ( download the software and install it on your own Web server), how to make the most of WordPress Plugins, install and tweak WordPress themes. It also teach on how to host multiple sites with WordPress (set up the WordPress Network with only one installation.) It makes a great point of using WordPress as a content management system instead of just for blogging.

The Part of Tens are usually the most enjoyable part of the dummies book. It lists Ten Great Sites using WordPress as a CMS, Ten Popular WordPress Plugins, and Ten Free WordPress Themes. Most of the WordPress website owners may enjoy most part of this book. It is highly recommended for the WordPress beginners who want to build, run or maintain WordPress websites.

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