WordPress Bible 2nd Edition: Covers WordPress 3.1

Finally we have an updated WordPress book for WP newbies, WP developers and designers.

This book covers WordPress 3.1! Yes! It is a

WordPress 3.1 Book!

Introducing WordPress Bible 2nd Edition! 744 pages Published by Wiley
# ISBN-10: 0470937815
# ISBN-13: 978-0470937815

Part I: Getting Started With WordPress gives you basics to get a WordPress blog off the ground. You also find background information to help us to understand the philosophies to guide us to use WordPress as a platform software or application development.
Part II: Working with Plugins," shows us how to use the WordPress plugin APIs to make WordPress a real application or software development platform,
Part III: Working with Themes and Template Tags," is great for designers or developers who work with designers to create great user interface or workflow on WordPress system.
Part IV, "Creating Content" is mainly for newbies to just use WordPress to create contents. It helps the reader to understand the concepts and principles of the WordPress Admin and creating great contents on this semantic publishing platform.
Part V: "Keeping Up with the Joneses:Maintenance and Upgrades" talks about WP automatic upgrades, backup, maintenance and security. You'll also learn the caching strategy to make your WordPress site scale well.
Part VI talks about two major WordPress uses: as a blogging sytem or a CMS (content management system)
Part VII talks about WordPress Econsystem covering its multisite functionality, adding User Forums with bbPress, creating social networks with BuddyPress, using BackPress as a development framework ...

This book will be available in April, 2011, but you can order it now at Amazon.com: WordPress Bible.

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