WordPress 3.1 Is Here!

WordPress 3.1 was released on Feb. 22nd, 2011 (Some said it was 23rd, but Matt Mullenweg's blog announced it on Feb. 22nd). This version is named "Reinhardt" in honor of the jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt.

Notable New Features of WordPress 3.1

Here are some new features in the spotlight:
1. a lightning fast redesigned linking workflow: It enables you to link to your existing posts and pages. They call this feature "Internal Linking".
2. a new Admin bar in the front end when you are logged in and viewing the site. It lets you click to your most-used dashboard pages quickly.
3. a streamlined writing interface: to hide many of the seldom-used panels by default so you see a cleaner screen when composing.

And other great new features for developers: new Post Format support (Standard, Gallery, Aside, Image, Video, etc), new CMS capabilities, new Network Admin with an import and export system, and the ability to perform advanced taxonomy and custom fields queries.

In Matt's words: "With the 3.1 release, WordPress is more of a CMS than ever before."

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