TwentyEleven Theme & WordPress3.2

With WordPress3.2, comes the TwentyEleven Theme, or we call it beta version because it is still a little buggy, as some testers said.

Here's what is new with TwentyEleven theme compared with TwentyTen:

It comes with ThemeOptions, which allows you to put the main content on right or left, and choose from light or dark color theme.
Header Option added Random: Show a different image on each page. Only available on WordPress 3.2. It is actually also available for TwentyTen if you run WordPress3.2.
The header image width auto shrinks when window resizes.
One more template for Page: Showcase Template and one more sidebar for widgets on this page. This template consists of a featured posts section using sticky posts. It added a slider to showcase all the sticky post as featured posts. However, this template is kind of buggy. If you select "Content on Right", the main content width does not appear properly leaving some blank in the left navigation area.
More formats added for post type: Link, Status, Quote, Images were added
Footer Areas reduce to three from four. Yes, three is enough.
Hopefully, when the stable WordPress3.2 is released, this theme will be perfect too. Thank you, WordPress team.

You may download this theme for a try {filelink=4}

If you want to take away some big header images and psd files, you can try this mini version {filelink=5}.

Your feedback and suggestions are welcome.

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