Making Money With WordPress

I may say that not all WordPress users run their sites for money, but in order to cover the cost for the self-hosted WordPress sites and the time they invest, advertising is a great way to help them to keep the balance and grow their sites. No money no talk is the truth unless you are talking about Jesus. We, as the owner of, would also like you to buy from our sponsoring advertisers so we can cover our cost to roll out more free tutorials and tips for everyone.

This article here only briefly cover a few ways to make money with WordPress as there are lots of books covering this topic only. The following should help you to get started

Usually, most people may think of Google Adsense ads on the their sites and blogs as their first choice.

How to put Adsense ads on their WordPress sites?

  • Creating a Google adsense account (if you don't already have one): ( What is Adsense? )
  • Get the Adsense code and insert it into your WordPress posts, pages, or widgets manually.
  • Or install a WordPress Adsense plugin to help you insert the ads.
  • A friendly reminder: Adsense ads are PPC (pay per click, the advertisers pay Google for every click, then Google pays you a percentage of that payment), but never click on those ads by yourself because it is considered fraud and get your serious result.

Actually, some people can make big money with their blogs with affiliate programs. Most of these programs are pay per action, meaning if the visitor from your site links enroll or pay for the advertised services or products, you will get the commission.

How to put affiliate ads on Your WordPress Sites?

  • Create/Open an affiliate account from Amazon, Commission Junction, Clickbank, etc.
  • Get the affiliate ad code and insert it into your WordPress widgets
  • You may also install some WordPress plugins to manage your affiliate ads on your WordPress sites (We will cover this soon)

You may sign up a hosting affiliate here: .( Please remember to click "Affiliate Program" link at the left bottom when you get there. Also remember that you cannot get any commission if you use your own affiliate link to buy things. That is general rule for all affiliate programs. If you want to get your own hosting account now, you get use our link to open your own hosting account first and then make money from the sites you build with your hosting account.)

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