WordPress Security

With more than 18.9% of the top 10 million websites as of August 2013 using WordPress, WordPress websites have naturally become a top target of hackers.

Nobody can claim that they can build a 100% secure website, but we have found a few good ways to make your WordPress websites tougher than others so that the hackers would choose easier targets instead of yours.

Important steps to improve your WordPress security
1)Keep strong admin passwords and change them regularly
2)Do not set your admin account user name to the default: admin
3)Install a few top WordPress security plugins to help tighten your WordPress websites
4)Update your WordPress core files whenever there's a new version
5)update all your plugins (all installed ones, activated or non-activated) and themes. Remove any plugins that are not in use.
6)Backup, backup the whole WordPres Website along with the databases and put the backup files offline.

We will cover this topic in more future posts. Please stay tuned.

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