Keep Writing and Blogging

I'm so glad to find the some of my friends are starting to use WordPress to blog or build their business websites.

Bill Belew, a famous blogger in Silicon Valley, aka the traffic professor, has been encouraging people to write and blog about what they really like and he say, "Keep blogging and the people will come to your site", not in only a few months, but up to 5 or 6 months.

However, it seems to generate good traffic, you need to at least write one or two articles a day.

The second important thing for a good blogger is to have high quality articles. You need to create some "timeless contents", meaning the contents will remain valuable even as the time goes by.

Next is that you need to provide "timely contents", which Google would like as "Fresh stuff'. Blogs are usually updated more often by the Google indexer/spider just because usually blog contents are fresh. And WordPress has a great system to notify Google and other Web crawlers to index your new contents. For further reading, you may want to check this article on by Ray "Catfish" Comstock:
4 Types of Timely Content for Google’s “Fresh” Update
where the author said the bloggers need to create "keyword focused content on a continual basis". The four asset types to create a steady stream of keyword rich content he recommends are 1)Press Releases 2)Marketing Automation Content 3)Social Media 4)User-Generated Content (CGC). For the last one, it is an important part of Web2.0. No! Web2.0 is not old and it is working the best! Facebook is the best example! Twitter is also in this category. As I see it, not everyone can write so many articles as Bill Belew (and he has been running blogs on 9 different topics!). If you are the one with creative ideas but cannot write much, you should work with some copywriters or ghost writers to create blogs with lots of fresh continuous contents. When the bloggers success in doing this, they can sure monetize their rich content websites.

For bloggers who really want to make money from their WordPress websites, they also need to install a few must-have WordPress plugins, such as "WordPress SEO by Yoast", "Better WP Security", "Online Backup for WordPress", and some good plugins or themes that let you easily place your Google Adsense, and traffic monitoring code ( Sitemeters or Google Analytics )

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