Differences between WordPress Page and Post

For most WordPress beginners, they need to learn about the differences between a page and a post. They may ask the question: "Shall I create a new post or page?"

If you use the default theme, or other similar themes, you may notice the following major differences:

  1. If you want to create static page for an item in the menu, you should create a page not a post.
  2. If you want your new article appear in some category like the default page in the front, you need to create a post.
  3. You can put a post under different categories and or put a few tags to it, but you cannot do this with a page (unless you use some special plugins);
  4. When creating a page, you need to select no parent or parent for the menu item. And you can set the order for the page appear as an item in the menu.
  5. Last but not the least, posts appear in the RSS for those who subscribe to your blogs. This can be very important as RSS updates may notify some search engine to get the robots to craw your website.

Other things we need to mention are

  • For front page, you may also create a post and set it as your front page at Settings => Reading;
  • Usually the default order of listing posts in the default front page or post category page is "the latest first",  however, you may also set the post sticky by click "Edit" in the Visibility under Publish section on the right and check the box beside “Stick this post to the front page” so that the post will always stay on the top;

Some video tutorials will show the differences clearly. Stay tuned.

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