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How to Set Up Menu & Submenu for Drupal 7 with Artisteer Theme

Many Artisteer users created their pretty Drupal 7 Themes but don't know how to configure them.
Our video tutorial is show you how to set up the Menus and Submenus after you activate the new themes.


You may also download the theme: in this tutorial.

Video Tutorial: Create Pages & Menu Items

This is one the WordPress for Beginners Video Tutorials.

After you understand the differences between a page or post, you can add more menu items by adding more pages. Creating pages and menu items is pretty simple in WordPress CMS.

Here's our Youtube video:

Build A WordPress Site Within 5 Minutes

For a simple business website, people can simply use the free services of Of course, there are lots of great WordPress features that does not offer, but we can make a great looking business web site like this within a very short time:

Build A WordPress Site In Five Minutes

Of course, to make a website with better contents, you need to spend more time, but the basic structure is already easily set up to add more contents quickly.

Installing WordPress Quickly

For most of my clients, I can create a new WordPress installation quickly, then upload my custom themes before I input my clients content.

Within 30 minutes, a professional site prototype is ready for review. This is first step for more site owner's input.

Here's the video to show you

How to Install WordPress 3.1 with most affordable Web Hosting

For the same good hosting we have been using for many of our clients, please click "Best Affordable Hosting"

Tips When Installing WordPress In Fantastico

1. Don't use "Admin" as the Administrator-username, but some hard to guess (easy to remember) user name. e.g. bbbestadmin333 (no space) . This is not something you can change easily in the WordPress dashboard. You may only change it via the MySQL db admin or some SQL script.
2. I prefer not to install the WordPress in the root folder, I always put something like
"bayarea" (or name or your city with no space: sanjose) in the field of "Install in directory": fremont

If you email me, I can tell the trick how to show the front page of the WordPress installation in the subfolder.

By putting a simple index.php in the root, your visit will see the contents of at root folder.