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WordPress & HookPress

Mitcho created a great WordPress plugin and a video tutorial on

The great features of HookPress were well explained clearly by Mitcho, the HookPress author.

With HookPress on WordPress, you can

  • create Post webhooks
  • create push notification (it supports both actions...)
  • create filters

The bottom line is that you can extend WordPress without PHP

Here's the video:

Mitcho is a MIT Linguistics PhD student. He has another "must-have" WordPress called "Yet Another Related Posts Plugin", also popular among WordPress users. Way to go, Mitcho!

To install HookPress, just go to "Add New" Plugins menu in your backend (Dashboard), and search for "HookPress", then you can have it automatically downloaded and installed with a couple of clicks. If your hosting server does not allow you to do that, you may go to to download and install it.

Basic WordPress Tutorial: Widgets

How to use widgets for your WordPress sites

One of the most useful WordPress features is being able to use widgets or add custom widgets to enrich the site contents and facilitate navigation.

Using WordPress Widgets (2) will show you more on how to use widgets for better interface of your site.

Video Tutorial: Create Pages & Menu Items

This is one the WordPress for Beginners Video Tutorials.

After you understand the differences between a page or post, you can add more menu items by adding more pages. Creating pages and menu items is pretty simple in WordPress CMS.

Here's our Youtube video:

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Google XML Sitemaps

WordPress For Dummies, 3rd Edition
recommends one of the most popular WordPress Plug-ins: Google XML Sitemaps, which has been been download 5,177,093 times as of this writing.

This must-have plug-in can build site maps for the robots of Google, Yahoo! and Bing and notify these search engine whenever you post new contents to your WordPress sites. For example, site maps is at , generated with the great plugin.

You may find more details of Google XML Sitemaps at: and this video tutorial on Youtube:

Build A WordPress Site Within 5 Minutes

For a simple business website, people can simply use the free services of Of course, there are lots of great WordPress features that does not offer, but we can make a great looking business web site like this within a very short time:

Build A WordPress Site In Five Minutes

Of course, to make a website with better contents, you need to spend more time, but the basic structure is already easily set up to add more contents quickly.

WordPress Tutorials for Developers & Designers

Even though I've been developing WordPress Web sites for lots of clients over the passed few years, I still found's WordPress Tutorials very useful.

They offer a few quite updated WordPress Tutorials

  • Creating and Editing Custom Themes
  • WordPress:Creating Custom Widgets and Plugins with PHP

Their price is so reasonable that you may be surprised to find their video tutorials are of very high quality too. The instructors are all experienced WordPress old-timer and developers. You may give it a try for free for 7 days!
Promote a 7-day free trial to

Once you create an account, just search for "WordPress" and you can start learning right away. After you finish the courses, you can get an online certificate like this one:

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