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Smashing WordPress: Beyond the Blog 2nd Edition

One of the great books for WordPress development beginners was scheduled to publish on June, 2011, but it is available now. So it is the latest book for WordPress users or developers. It is not for WordPress beginners, but developers. If you are a Web developer who want to learn WordPress to develop a web site for business ( not just for a blog), and want to do the following things:

  • Build Beautiful WordPress Themes, including Child Themes
  • Create Custom Login Forms and Admin Themes
  • Use the Loop to Control Content
  • Build Plugins, including Widget Functionality
  • Use Custom Post Types and Custom Taxonomies
  • Use Post Formats
  • Integrate WordPress with the Social Web
  • Use Conditional Control Elements
  • Integrate Theme Options
  • Build Your WordPress Projects for SEO

You may read the detailed Table of Contents of Smashing WordPress :Beyond the Blog here. A former editor of the Blog Herald, a popular website for bloggers and WordPress users, the author Thord Daniel Hedengren, is a professional web designer and developer who has created numerous WordPress themes, developed plugins, and put WordPress to good use powering both blogs and big editorial sites. You sure can learn a lot from his new 350-page WordPress book. At Amazon, the 22 readers gave it 4 stars of 5 and as a WordPress developer, I agree with that. Got a copy and start your WordPress development today!

Left side is the Kindle version.