WP89.com:  WP89 WordPress tutorials, tips and more.

WP means Web Publishing and WordPress.  89 means expanding(8 in Chinese) and long-lasting ( 9 in Chinese). Building WordPress sites that can expand your business and last long long.

You'll find 89 video tutorials and tips to help you build great Web sites with WordPress.

We will also show you the 89 best practice of WordPress.

We also show you 89 WordPress themes you may use for your business or personal Web sites.

89 sounds like "fortune" and "long-lasting" in Chinese. That is why we use this lucky number 89 for our domain: wp89.com.  Wish you all the best for your business, my guests or fans of our site.

We built most of our professional Web sites with WordPress, and we love to share our experience with you. Let's show you how to do it successfully. Yes, our clients love the WordPress sites we built!

One of the best tools we used is
Artisteer - CMS Template Generator

Good news, you may get great WordPress online training like I did from Lynda for free:
7-day free trial to lynda.com. (After you sign up, you can start your own WordPress training by search for "WordPress" online courses right away)

About Paul Huang:A Senior Web Developer and Certified Internet Marketing consultant. Started building Web sites since 1996, helping small to large businesses to do business online.

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