10 Steps for A Successful Business Website on WordPress

1. Prepare some real contents that may be interesting to a group of people (Contents are the King! Know your audience.)
2. Find and sign up a good hosting service that gives you PHP, MySQL  ( if you've already have one, you may skip this.)
(We don't like Windows hosting, which may also be more expensive. Linux is great)
3. Do the simple basic WordPress installation on your website and add a good theme (could be free!) and add your own logo for branding
4. Install some must-have WordPress plugins
(for better security, fighting spam,  better SEO, social bookmarking, etc.)
5. Build Basic Menu for Your Site ( About Us, Contact Us, Our Products/Services) AND
create some useful information pages on the topics related to your products!
6. Set up Google Analytics for your site and put the code into your WordPress site
7. Submit your site with Google webmaster tool
8. Promote your site on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube!
9. Update your website at least 3 times a week with useful and fresh contents!
10. Respond to comments on your web contents And
add more popular content according to your Google Analytics reports.

If you just want sell your products or services without offering any useful stuff ( free tips or handy tools),  your visitor won't come back to your site again even you got a way to direct them to your site ( via Google Adwords, or other paid advertisement). If you don't have time to write yourself, hire some good copywriters.

If you'd like have to hire someone to help you with any of the above steps, please contact one of our WordPress professionals.

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